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We are a crazy bunch of renegade soapmakers who can't control themselves! We make Bar Soap, Body Butters, Lotions, Lip Balms and more


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Bulk Private Label Bar Soap to your specifications.

Handmade-bulk-soap produces primarily Private Label Bar soap to customer specifications. We work exclusively with animal and chemical free sources, such as vegetable oils, essential oils and herbs. Generally we use no additives, such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS,) Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES,) or other laboratory produced lather enhancers.

We prefer to use Essential Oils for scent. Our mold liners absorb the solvents and scent used in synthetic fragrance oils and breathing these solvents result in headaches for us not to mention skin irritation for our customers.

Typical scents we work with are Lavender, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Spice oils, Citrus Blends and specific blends from our customers. We do develop custom blends however we do charge for the service as it is labor and time intensive. We also do charge for samples as producing custom bars is an ongoing process and we find that often customers are not sure what is desired for their final product. Please use our info form and tell us as much as you can about your desired bar shape and size, base oils included or excluded, ingredients, custom designs, etc. The more information we have the better we can provide a quote and not have to alter the quote prior to production.  If you are not sure about a good mix of base oils, we have a base recipe that we work with that produces a nice had bar with good lather.

We can shrink wrap, paper wrap, box or ship your final product unwrapped which will be the least expensive option. We look forward to working with you to produce the best handmade soap available for your needs. Scented, unscented, ground herb for a mild scrub, or herb free, whatever your desires we will work with you to produce a final product to meet your needs.